It’s risky, tedious, and difficult but after considering these four simple reasons, you’ll be inspired and ready to take on the intimidating world of viral marketing.

The chance of your publication going viral is extremely small, regardless of the platform you plan to use. While you can refer to endless online resources and learn how to create content that has viral potential, it is important to understand why you should do that first. Essentially, the objective should be to either grow your following or increase your sales, and all the reasons mentioned below should convince you that it’s worth it.

Isn’t it strange that most of us still worry about our follower count; the ever-changing tally of social acceptance. Our minds only revolve around growth and that is proof of mankind’s greedy nature. Why do we still relate success to the number on our screen? However, numbers matter, just not those.

After waking up one day and enthusiastically starting my own Instagram page , I quickly gained my first followers and likes. From there, it wasn’t too challenging. After a few months of hard work and dedication, I reached my first 1000 followers. …

Jochem Kooloos

Founder of, Dutch, Living in Spain.

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